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Earth Essence Jewelry
Meditation in Motion

Tamara Ryan is the exclusive designer for Earth Essence Jewelry. Originally from Nova Scotia, she now resides in Vancouver, BC. The youngest of seven children, her childhood was one surrounded by creativity. With her mother a painter and her father a musician, most of her siblings were drawn to the arts. Upon receiving her first beading kit at age 4, Tamara’s passion for jewelry design began.

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In her early 30’s Tamara met a benevolent Chi Gong Master, Edward Gutierrez; with whom she spent a number of years studying meditation. During this time Edward shared with her the many benefits of using various stones to enhance her sense of well being.

Tamara’s love of working with the stones soon developed into Earth Essence Jewelry. Influenced by the various textures and vibrant colors of nature, she often refers to her design process as “meditation in motion”.

Feeling blessed to be immersed in her passion, Tamara believes that  “ As a child, we naturally do what brings us joy in life. If we explore our childhood pleasures as adults, the possibility of recapturing that inquisitive bliss is sure to follo

Tamara incorporates a wide variety of luxurious materials into her work. Hand made sterling silver from Bali, Swarovski crystal from Austria and Semi-precious stones from around the world are lovingly woven together to create a bit of magic in every Earth Essence design.

earth essence jewelry
Designer: Tamara Ryan
Vancouver, BC  Canada

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